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There is a heated discussion happening in most schools but it not over medication or violence, it is concerning whether or not schools should switch to tablets rather than old school textbooks. A lot of things support to switch to tablets instead of textbooks as they are easier to use. While there is doubts, from people who do not know about modern era, say that textbooks are so much better! Tablets cost way too much money for one student. For printed textbooks, it can just cost $10.46. That is why they think we need printed textbooks.

Tablets Increase Efficiency

Tablets help student in learning and connect to school homework with updated information. It is mostly believed that tablets enrich classroom education. Technology based instruction can reduce the time students take to reach a learning objective by 40 percent to 85 percent. A research was conducted in this regard which showed that students are getting higher marks while they are using tablets instead of textbooks.

Tablets Reduce Cost of Papers and Is Environmental Friendly

A School or college with 100 teachers uses on average 350,000 or may be more pieces of paper annually. A school of 1,000 students on average spends between $1000 to $1500 a month on paper, toner, and ink, not counting printer wear and tear or technical support costs. These are some numbers, but there are schools out there with 7,000 teachers and 25,000 students. Tablets can take a lot of those pieces of paper away if schools switched to tablets and help save trees. And it can also help save money by not having to printer repairs and spend money on ink and printer papers.

Centralized Learning through Tablets

It is felt that tablets would help better the education of our children. If they had tablets they would not have the problems or too heavy weight books. Everything they need will be available on the tablet with easy access replacing the outdated textbooks for our children.

Disadvantages of Tablets over Textbooks

But on the other hand! I believe we should not replace textbooks with tablets because textbooks are very less expensive to buy and a lot less suspected to be stolen. And I also believe this because if we spend that much money then the school would not have enough money to have upgrades. That is why we should not replace textbooks with tablets.
The other disadvantage of tablets is that students may be too distracted, as opposed to those who use textbooks. This distraction comes from a number of areas including emails, games, videos, social network and countless entertainment applications. Usage of tablets in the classroom has too many distractions. Students pay attention to social networking, apps, games, and emails instead of their teachers. 83% of K-12 teachers believe that “today’s technologies are creating an easily distracted generation with short attention.”
Moreover some people prefer to learn from a book than a screen. When asked, they replied that it is too difficult for their eyes to track a lot of words from a tablet screen. They also find that they have more difficult time retaining information from a tablets screen. They can read and remember from paper or textbook without any problem, but for some reason, all the same information on a table just does not stick.


So to conclude it both textbooks and tablets have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is difficult to give away any of them. But what seems from the technological advancements and evolution that a day will come when tablets will completely replace text books and you never know we might get used to it then.

2 thoughts on “Textbooks Vs Tablets

  1. Sana Haseeb says:

    Well I disagree a bit…….I think nothing can replace books…..nowadays technology has no doubt decreased quite a lot of difficulties but it also took away the actual essence of nourishing one’s knowledge. Kids now don’t go deep to search anything from books they just use internet and tablets to find their answers. Similarly if they actually replace textbooks with tablets then the natural way of writing and understanding which has surely some important reasons would be left behind.This somehow doesn’t broaden their horizon and visions.

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