Improve Internet Connection & Test Your Internet Speed! But How?

improve internet connection

Do you get Internet bandwidth, you paid for? Have you tested your Internet speed? Do you know how to improve internet connection to the full potential of your bandwidth?

In this article shows how to measure the speed of the Internet and sheds some light on the different factors that affect the performance of the Internet. I propose a number of possible solutions that are easy to apply.

How to Test Your Internet Speed & Improve Internet Connection

For exact results, you need to go with an internet speed testing tool that gives a local server. Otherwise your internet speed result may be faulty. Just because the internet speed test has to travel better distances.

With Speedtest! You can connect to a speed test server that is physically near to you. Click Setting the top right menu to change your Preferred Server location & Save your changes.

When you are almost done click Begin Test & Wait few Seconds for the result.

improve internet connection

My internet speed result is 3.52 Mbps download & 0.86 Mbps upload. Other speed tests that did not show me same result with a local server returned somewhat different results. For Example; determined 4 MBPS for the download & only had me at 3.285 kbit/s or 3.28 Mbps download. The upload wast at around 445 kbit/s or 0.44 Mbps.

improve internet connection

How to Improve Internet Connection?

Many elements have an impact on improve internet connection or how slow & fast your internet connection is. Sadly, there are some that you have no direct

Many factors have an impact on how fast or slow your internet connection is. Unfortunately, there are several that you have no direct effect on.

Bandwidth Choke – Your Internet Service Provider can choke your bandwidth, e.g. when you are using Torrent for downloading.

Exchange Distance – You live from the near telephone exchange, then the slower your internet speed.

Internet Cable – For Example, if you and the majority of your neighbors have a cable internet connection. Try to note that all of you share the bandwidth speed which can show to reduced speed.

What You Can Do To Improve Internet Connection Speed Up?


Hardware To Improve Internet Connection – the queue could be your hardware. Your Lab/Modem has a cache which can effect its performance. Unplug the LAN or modem from the power for few seconds to empty the cache. Ensure your LAN or modem supports the output speed your network connection requires and that cables are correctly connected.

Wireless V/s Wire To Improve Internet Connection – a wire connection is more faster than a wireless connection. You also experience signal intrusion when using WiFi connection. To improve internet connection, you can either choose different position of your router or change WiFi number of channel.

LAN Cable To Improve Internet Connection – A length of up to 50 meters should be okay. But try to keep the cable as short as possible. If you dependent on a long length cable, go with Gigabit rated shielded network cable i.e. STP Cat5E or Cat6. Please avoid stretching or bending as both affect performance.

DNS Server – Most ISP dns servers are not very fast but can reduce your bandwidth. You can get free & faster dns server addresses from OpenDNS.

If I miss any elements or hack that could have a important impact? Please give your feedback in the comment session below.

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