You Should Know Nine Types of Hackers

types of hackers

The intention behind their actions, hackers can be classified into the following types:

White Hat Hackers

The concept of white hat, which was cleverly hack into a computer system or a network of intent that are not in bad faith or malafide. They can do this through a series of tests to check the capabilities of their security systems or as part of a research conducted by various companies that manufacture computer security software.

Black Hat Hackers

A black hat hacker, as the name suggests is relating to the north or south pole of a white hat hacker in terms of intent and methodology. Violating a network for bad faith intentions for monetary and personal gain. It is illegal communities that conform to recognize the label of cyber criminals.

They have access to a system and steal or destroy information or modify it. They can set the program so that it becomes unnecessary for the recipients. When they include a weakness or vulnerable area in the system. They take control of the system through those weaknesses. Owners, authorities and the general public are held in blind to this issue. They make no attempt to address the gap except that his kingdom is facing a threat from a third party.


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Grey Hat Hackers

A gray hat hacker is a curious mixture of both white & black hat. Networks from the Internet tow and sniffs network failures and faults in the system. It does so with the sole intention of demonstrating to system administrators that the network has a flaw in terms of safety. Once cut into the system, they can offer to diagnose and correct the lack of sufficient analysis.

Blue Hat Hackers

These are independent professionals who provide their expertise to the hire of computer security company. Before a new system was introduced on the market, the blue hats services are required to check the system for any weaknesses.

Elite Hackers

These are the crème de la crème of the hacker community. It is a social position indicator who used to degrade the most skilled hackers. They are the first that go into a seemingly impenetrable system and write programs to do so. Elite status normally conferred on them by the hacker community to which they belong.


The concept of skiddie is the script kiddies abbreviation. These are the pirates fans who manage to break the access systems using programs written by other pirates at expert level. They have little or no understanding of the complexity of the program they use.


Newbie as the name suggests. They are the pirates who are beginners in the world of piracy, without knowledge or experience behind before. They hang around the outskirts of the community, in order to learn the ropes from their peers.


Hack-tivism is another version of hacking, where the individual or the community uses their skills to take every religious or social through piracy messaging systems. They can be classified into two types of cyber terrorism and the right to information. cyber-terrorism refers to activities that involve breaking into a system with the sole intent to damage or destroy it. These hackers sabotaging management system and make it useless.

Hackers belonging to the right to the category work with the intention to obtain confidential information from private and public sources, and the spread is in the public domain.

Organized Crime

This can be interpreted as a kind of conglomerate of blacks hat hackers working for a common goal or in one direction only. They have access to systems of government and private organizations to help the criminal objectives of the group to which they belong.

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