How to Lose Weight Fast – Diet and Exercise

How to lose weight fast

After reading this you, all won’t be ever wonder again that how to lose weight fast. Well this is the topic which you all should give a read at least once to understand the importance of balance between diet and exercise. 

Basic Thumb Rule: Hit the Gym

How to lose weight fast
How to lose weight fast

Yes! You will have to gather up the courage and join Gym as a first step to lose weight fast. Alone diet cannot do much, yes it will help you lose weight, it will help you lose fat but it will also affect in losing the muscles, bone density and immunity. Whereas if you hit gym it will mostly burn the fat in your body and you would lose weight and not your muscles; working out stimulates growth of metabolic tissues. And yes well if you would not hit the gym and will only try to lose weight with diet which is not a very much practical idea but let’s say that you accomplished it only through diet then what will b the shape of your body? Have you wondered?

You got it right!

If you exercise, it will not only help you lose weight fast but will also shape up your body, will make you look good in your clothes, and yes without your clothes also. Not only this but you will also get the extra perks of working out like improves health, better sleep, relieving the stress and better immune system.

Who said you have to stress yourself out thinking that you have to work hard a lot in the gym?

Just plan 6 workouts in a week of about 50 minutes each and it will suffice. You don’t have to run marathons, brisk walk will be enough. You don’t have to work out isolate muscles; body weight routine is more than enough like push-ups, pull ups and squats.


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Eat Healthy

How to lose weight fast
How to Lose Weight Fast

Who said you have to starve to get that perfect body?

Exercise Is Only 30% Where As 75% Is the Diet!

This means more importantly you have to control your diet to lose weight fast; and by controlling I mean shift to healthy food. Do not stop eating as it will be a disaster to your future life because it will create deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and other vital things that run your organs.

Now what should you eat? OR what not to eat? How to lose weight fast?

The first and the most important thing are to make a list of those things that you should not eat. Sugar is poison for you when you want to lose weight; you have to stop consuming sugar immediately if you want faster results. Rice, which again is rich in glucose, is another thing which you don’t have to consume in this period. Carbohydrate drinks are the worst choice, if you are wondering how to lose weight fast; they are extra rich in sugar content and will not let you lose that flab on your tummy or anywhere on that body of yours.

So now that you know the ingredients of how to lose weight fast, I bet you want to know the perfect recipe for that as to how to do it.

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